Addressing a Team Goal

“The only way that an organisation can ever be the best version of itself is for each and every individual within that organisation to be the very best version of themselves. The PRINT® Survey expands self-awareness and encourages all individuals and teams to choose best self-behaviors. By utilising the PRINT® at the onset of the coaching process, we are able to confront the reason why individuals and teams are behaving the way they are. By furnishing the ‘why,’ they are able to shift more readily in their communication and teamwork styles, therefore exhibiting more respect for others, as well as building trust and adding to increased engagement throughout the organisation, thereby increasing the bottom line.”

Craig Lyons, Executive Coach


Motivating Team Members

“The PRINT® session with my team was the most productive HR assessment I’ve ever participated in. Really understanding people’s motivations, as opposed to behaviours (especially considering that the same behaviour could have different motivations) gave me a scaffolding as team leader to bring the team’s capabilities together more effectively. I will definitely be using the information moving forward in composing team projects, motivating individuals, and managing conflict.”

Carmen O’Shea, Head of Talent Marketing and Interim Head of Diversity at SAP


Recruiting and Retaining Excellent Talent

“I have used many surveys as a recruiter, and none are more on-point or as accurate as PRINT®!”

Andrew Best

“We are a technical consulting organisation in Australia with a large number of engineers and programmers. We started using PRINT® to give our highly intelligent workforce a tested system for understanding themselves, as well as their colleagues, at a deeper and more productive level. It has enabled us to employ a more scientific approach to unravelling the softer side of the people in our business to aid in collaboration and teamwork. This has really helped our primarily logical, and to start with, slightly sceptical workforce. Recently, we have employed PRINT® in our recruiting practices as one of the tools to help us hire the best people across all levels of the business. It has now become a part of how we engage our people in the recruitment process, as well as in professional development.”

Kristy McFarlane, HR Manager, TSG


Creating an Awe-Inspiring Workforce

“I am a coach who loves supporting their community to succeed in what is significant to them. The PRINT® process of self-discovery offers an immediate burst of validation and energy to each of my clients, and provides our coaching relationship with an instant, personalised language with which to design future actions. Very often my clients afford themselves only short periods of coaching and make great productive strides with the insight they gain from PRINT®. These clients report that they employ their conscious sense of self constantly in their progressive endeavours. I am so fortunate and honoured to be able to share with others in these exciting developmental times of their lives.”

Marianne, CommuniAction


Increasing Personal Productivity

“I feel I was aware of many of my Shadow behaviours, but PRINT® was a good validation. It can be hard to make conscious decisions in your day-to-day life to correct it when it has become part of your daily habits, but that is what I need to do. I am trying to be more aware of my Shadow behaviours and when they come out unconsciously. I’ve asked a couple of my close colleagues to point out when I am displaying those traits which could make me a less effective person.”

PRINT® participant

“I am changing how I handle situations. I am able to recognise certain behaviours as they are happening.”

PRINT® participant

“Before I learned about PRINT®, I thought a few people were mean because they are bossy and don’t listen to others. But now I know they just need to feel ‘correct’, so it doesn’t bother me as much. I don’t take things as personally, and I can get along with them better as a result. Knowing my own and others’ triggers has made me more patient.”

PRINT® participant

“The most important thing that has happened for me is knowing that people interpret things differently, which has helped me understand that you can’t talk to everyone the same way. I now try to go deeper into my conversations to get through to some people or use other approaches. I am also making an effort to talk to people about what is meaningful to them, not just what is important to me.”

PRINT® participant


Increasing Sales Effectiveness

“I have found PRINT® very useful in dealing with people. It will especially help my communications with clients, but in addition to that, very importantly, it gave me very good insight into myself, my personality, my strengths and weaknesses, and where my communication manner could be misunderstood.”

Sales coordinator

Developing Exceptional Leaders

“PRINT® has fundamentally changed how I now communicate with partners and management teams. When I think back on certain challenges or problems that I have faced along the way, almost all of them were avoidable when viewing them through the lens of the PRINT® model.”

Reed Dickens, Founder of Dickens Capital Group

“PRINT® will help me become a better leader because I have a good reference to keep handy to better understand others’ motivations and actions. I find this to be highly important because it gives me insight as to how other minds function – knowing that not everyone thinks like me or is beneath me because they may or may not understand where I am coming from.”

Senior leader

“Knowing my motivations, Best Self, and Shadow behaviours will help me become a more effective leader by recognising behaviours I need to work on and I how I can be inspirational to others.”


“PRINT® has helped me understand how to relate to my individual team members. I am learning to internalise my understanding of each PRINT® type on my team in order to make my communication to them more effective.”

Patricia Pierce, Certified IBM Project Manager

“After PRINT® I noticed our brand manager began to communicate entirely differently to the team. He realised he was turning them off by using a style that worked for him but wasn’t meeting their needs at all, and this was causing a productivity gap.”

PRINT® participant


Building High Performance Teams

“I would not have pushed if I did not truly believe PRINT® is a great tool for us. Since undertaking the PRINT® workshop we are much more conscious of each other’s numbers and what that means. When one of us has a bad day we announce, or ask, if they are in shadow. We’ve coined a couple of sayings, ‘give it to a one and it gets done’, and, ‘give it to an eight and they will delegate’. As the leader of the team, it helped me in how I approach my team and how I instruct them in tasks. It also helped me in understanding a few incidents between different team members.”

Einav Gefen, Unilever

“I can firmly say I achieved my objective with launching my new team, and we’ve been able to shift our language in how we think about collaboration and even how we approach our clients. I’ve started meeting with some of my larger teams and are looking at how we may leverage this across all client teams.”

Albert Morales, General Manager, IBM Global Business Services

“I find the content informational and illuminating. PRINT® has become one more tool for us to better ourselves, to facilitate our communication, and to improve our relationship with others. I believe it’ll strengthen our team and enhance our working environment as long as we don’t take the methodology as a panacea or be stuck with it literally. It is one more way to dissect the complicated human nature and its spawned behaviours.”

PRINT® participant

“Knowing Triggers has helped me improve my relationships in a way I did not expect. It has helped me understand people I didn’t connect with well before finding out our Triggers, oddly because we were the same PRINT®! Most of the time the things you don’t like about people are the same things that you don’t like about yourself.”

PRINT® participant


Career Development 

“I found PRINT® to be incredibly helpful when meeting with both undergraduate and graduate students. The tailored reports provide excellent, concrete ways for students to explore how they can be most successful in their studies, their work and in life. I appreciate the ease of administering the assessment as well as the depth of information we have to give our students. I will definitely continue using PRINT® in my career counselling appointments.”

University Career Counsellor

“Over the course of a year discussing results with an extremely diverse group of students I can genuinely attest to PRINT’s efficacy and value.”

University Career Counsellor

“The PRINT® assessment is very useful for preparing for interviews especially in contemplating what is unique about that student. It really allows them to consider their strengths and weaknesses in a whole new way. Also, I found it to be particularly helpful for students who are evaluating whether a particular career is a good fit. Finally, most students really like the list of potential careers that the PRINT® assessment generated.”

Careers Officer

“I will definitely use PRINT® when applying for a job or internship to emphasise my strengths during interviews.”


“In my last interview with a large hotel chain, I explained how my Unconscious Motivator® 7 reinforces my ability at dealing with people throughout my career.”