You have two categories of Unconscious Motivators® that drive your actions – a Major and Minor Unconscious Motivator®. These motivations (of a possible 72 combinations) provide the foundation for WHY you do what you do, say what you say, and think what you think.

The PRINT® Survey is designed to uncover your two Unconscious Motivators®.
Unconscious Motivators® are not preferences, strengths, biases, talents, likes or dislikes. Instead, they are your deep motivations, working on an unconscious level.

The PRINT® Survey also reveals your unique set of Best Self (positive and productive) and potential Shadow (negative, unproductive and automatic) behaviours which are the direct results of your Unconscious Motivators® at work.

Your Unconscious Motivators®, your Best Self behaviours and your potential Shadow traits are collectively known as your PRINT®.

How your Unconscious Motivators® play out dictates the degree of Best Self and Shadow qualities you display!

Knowing your Unconscious Motivators® helps you understand why your Best Self shows up in some circumstances, while Shadow is the default in others.

This is to do with the unique Triggers associated with your PRINT – people, events, or circumstances that feel like an “attack” on your Unconscious Motivators®. More often than not, Triggers are not intentional – people are just being who they are. But our automatic responses are nonetheless still perilous. Triggers can have a deep a visceral effect.

It is important to know what your unique Triggers are, how to avoid them, and ways to recover quickly from their impact. It is important to know others’ Triggers too.

This information is also revealed in the PRINT® survey.

It’s this knowledge that helps you (and others) to change habitual behavioural patterns. The goal is to reduce Shadow behaviour and build up Best Self. That is precisely how productivity and performance are enhanced.

Uncovering your Unconscious Motivators® requires a tool designed to do exactly that.
Conventional personality instruments and self-assessments don’t reveal this information – they merely describe actions, responses and behaviours.

Only PRINT® reveals why certain actions, responses, behaviours are chosen and consequently, how we can select better ones in the future through managing our Unconscious Motivators® and Triggers.

PRINT® peels back to get to the source of the problem. And hence, provides a relevant solution.

Once you’re aware of and understand all this vital information, you can apply it to recruitment, leadership development, team functionality, adapting to change, sales effectiveness, and employee productivity.