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‘I personally gained a lot of very useful information about myself and others (through the PRINTs) and also how I can use this in developing better and more productive working relationships’
‘The brilliant thing about PRINT is that it’s action-oriented – of course it highlights the positive side of one’s motivations, but also shows the triggers that can push the same characteristics to work in an unhelpful way. Looking at those triggers, and developing strategies to avoid them, for me is the really valuable part of the model, and what makes it more effective than other profiling techniques’
‘I like that PRINT goes further to answer the ‘so what’ than most other similar profiling tools’
‘I have experienced a number of personality profile products and PRINT has been by far the most useful and intuitive to date. It did not simply profile the individual but identified Trigger behaviours and provided insight to the individual to allow them to create strategies to maintain their Best Self.’
‘The PRINT information is really useful and this has already had an impact on the way I think about situations at work.’