Given the depth of insight you’ll discover through PRINT®, the starting point is remarkably simple – a short survey which will take about 15 minutes to complete.

The intelligent and unique algorithm will ask questions until it’s certain that it has your PRINT® nailed. (If you want to get all scientific about it, PRINT® has a 99.99% construct validity – meaning that it is virtually perfect in its ability to test with accuracy what it has set out to test. In this case – Unconscious Motivators®).

Yet the true value of PRINT® isn’t just in the report or indeed the revealing of your Unconscious Motivators® – it’s the strategies and applications that follow on from this knowledge where the power really lies.

Whether one-on-one with a PRINT® coach or during a Discovery session facilitated by a PRINT® specialist, you’ll be introduced to strategies that will significantly improve your impact, efficiency and communication. You might even wonder how you managed to get by without this knowledge before!

Armed with an arsenal of strategies to avoid Shadow and develop Best Self behaviours – PRINT® provides the perfect building block towards productive and high-performing ways of working.


The Discovery session is likely to be your first introduction to PRINT®. Everyone receives a unique PRINT® profile report, which forms the core of the PRINT® programme and the gateway to a range of learning experiences.

Using the profile as a springboard, the PRINT® coach will facilitate the group through individual and group exercises, revealing potential peak performance blockers and building on the situations where things are working well. Whether your focus is on team performance, leadership capability, management impact or effective communication – you can expect breakthrough discoveries that will significantly improve individual and team working.

Breakthrough is the best way to describe this, because unlike many other profiling tools, PRINT® goes way beyond personality and traits. It reveals the motivators behind the behaviours, providing a tried-and-tested roadmap towards improved relationships, stronger working partnerships, minimised conflict and improved communication.

To discover your PRINT® or find out about having a group Discovery session within your organisation, get in touch.


The reports and the workshops may be the start of the journey, but the end goal is Shadow-Free behaviours. Independent research has shown a 99.4% correlation between Shadow behaviour and poor job performance, and a 99% correlation between Best Self and productive job performance.

Using the wide range of PRINT® programme tools and strategies, you can easily keep PRINT® working all day, every day to significantly improve individual and team performance.

PRINT® booster Modules:

There are a wide range of additional workshops available to drill down on specific performance areas including:

  • Enhancing communication impact
  • Developing highly productive teams
  • Encouraging a feedback culture with PRINT®
  • Transitioning through change with PRINT®
  • Improving personal effectiveness
  • Using PRINT® in one-on-one coaching
  • Enriching Leadership impact

Manager Boosters:

Manager play a pivotal role in setting the tone and behavioural expectations. As such, keeping PRINT® learning and knowledge alive and relevant for them is key to achieving Shadow-free work environments.

Managers can subscribe to monthly communications which are written with the manager in mind – giving practical ways to use PRINT® knowledge and power with their teams to enhance performance and productivity.

The series of 12 focused and informative instalments progressively builds the manager’s confidence and capability to make PRINT® part of their everyday management approach.