Case study: Developing high-performing teams

Loughborough University knew its staff and students were key in enabling the world renowned Loughborough Sport experience and ecosystem to operate. The Sport Experience Team used PRINT® as part of an away day to explore their team’s purpose and identify practical and replicable ways of working together more effectively. The day was so successful that the University invested in accrediting an in-house coach and PRINT® is now regularly used to develop teams and leaders.

When used in a group setting, PRINT® helps individuals understand the motivations of their colleagues -what’s important to them and why they are the way they are. With this new level of awareness, PRINT® enables groups and teams to create strategies which help each other stay in their productive Best Self, ensuring sustainable levels of high performance.

With this in mind, Loughborough University’s Sport Development Centre have utilised PRINT® to help develop both staff and student development & leadership which in turn supports Loughborough University’s vision for sport which is ‘to create experiences of sport so positive they are life shaping’.

I was first introduced to PRINT via a friend. She had met and worked with Nic Ellwood and suggested that I get in touch.

From the offset Nic was friendly, knowledgeable and quickly understood my reasons for wanting to utilise PRINT within Loughborough University. Through various interactions and PRINT workshops Nic then suggested that I look at becoming an accredited PRINT coach, of which I did and have never looked back!

Along the way Nic has been supportive and we have formed a good rapport; somehting which is incredibly important when working within this field (it must be the fact we are both 7’s!).

Cath Harvey, Loughborough University