Case study: Senior executives save $15m in just 15 minutes

Shortly after the resounding success of PRINT for the Whirlpool brand teams, a senior Whirlpool executive was ready to sign a deal with her company’s largest customer. Recognising the power of PRINT, she and her team took part in a PRINT workshop to get insights into each other’s PRINT types and relative strengths.

As a driven, fast-acting individual, her natural motivation was to close the deal quickly and move onto the next target. Prior to experiencing PRINT, that’s exactly what she would have done. But the insights she had gained at the PRINT workshop delivered an even better outcome.

Building understanding of others’ strengths
Prior to experiencing PRINT, the VP characterised her Finance Lead as “being too slow to get to the obvious answer” and would often make decisions without his input. With a better understanding of his PRINT profile and core drivers, she was able to understand why he needed this extra time – and the benefits that would flow from allowing it.

A million bucks a minute
The VP therefore allocated extra time – an additional fifteen minutes – to the process, for her Finance Lead to consider the deal. This small but vital amount of extra thinking time allowed the Finance Lead to identify deal improvements that added a total of $15m to the profitability of the contract.


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