Case study: Cutting recruitment costs and employee turnover

Global Tech Firm Meridium was unhappy with their recruitment process. Despite paying careful attention to skills, qualifications and personal attributes when recruiting or promoting – more often than they cared to admit, new employees were underperforming in their roles. 

Focusing on motivation during recruitment

Meridium began PRINTing all prospective candidates, giving them a unique insight into underlying motivations. They could then use this knowledge to explore the role’s fit with each candidate’s core drivers, and accurately predict their potential behaviours in critical situations.

Immediate and sustained improvements

Over three years, Meridium was able to reduce the direct costs of bad recruitment decisions by £1.125m.

They also noticed that their turnover rate began to drop. With the adoption of PRINT®, their churn rate reduced by 8% a year, delivering a $650,000 direct improvement in the costs of employee turnover.


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