When we discover our PRINT, we discover our Unconscious Motivators – the drivers behind our behaviour.

When our Unconscious Motivators are satisfied, we are naturally able to be Best Self – we are happy, productive and high performing, and our talents and strengths can shine through.

When our Unconscious Motivators are not satisfied, we still try our hardest to get them satisfied and resort to our Shadow behaviour – an exaggerated and un-productive way of being.

When we discover our PRINT we have those ‘ah ha’ moments. We understand why we behave and feel the way we do. Equipped with this deep self-understanding PRINT helps us take control of our unproductive behaviour and move forward towards our more productive Best Self. When used in an organisation or group setting, it helps us understand others’ behaviour and teaches us strategies to help others remain in their Best Self.

To discover your PRINT and find out how your organisation can nurture more productive Best Self behaviour, get in contact.

Here’s a quick 2 minute introduction to PRINT