PRINT®: your answer to effective leadership communication

Did you know that 44% of employees do not feel senior leaders are providing clear direction about where their organisation is heading?

Over the past six years straight, improving leadership communication has been ranked as a top priority for the IC industry!

At H&H we know that in order to be an effective leader, you need to know how to lead yourself before you can communicate effectively with your team.

Imagine what would be possible if your senior leader were always consciously mindful of the influences and drivers behind their behaviour. If they could understand how to connect and communicate with every employee to achieve the best outcomes – and keep productivity and engagement on a high.

That’s where PRINT® comes into the equation!

But what exactly is PRINT®? And how can it help your leaders become better communicators?

Read on to find out…

So why is leadership the key to an organisation’s success?

We all know leadership is hugely important in any organisation, whether it’s a multi-division corporate giant or a small fledgling start-up.

Leaders are there to provide their people with the guidance and insight they need to succeed in their roles.

And while we internal communicators play a big part in ensuring employees are consistently engaged, happy and productive at work, it’s our leaders who are ultimately responsible for the cultures they create.

It hardly needs saying, but a leader or manager’s communication skills can make or break a critical engagement project.

The absolute key to success then, is that they know how to connect with, inspire, and engage employees to drive highly successful results across the organisation.


This is even more important when you consider that as many as 70% of employees’ lack confidence in senior leadership who are disengaged!


So how can we increase trust in senior managers’ ability to lead their organisations successfully?

You likely already know that the most fundamental approach would be to improve communication between the C-Suite and the front line.

It might sound easier said than done, but we’ve found many leaders struggle with this on a day-to-day basis resulting in poor productivity and performance from employees.

Which ultimately has an impact on the entire organisation.

Remember when we said PRINT® was the answer to creating effective leadership communication?

Well, this is where it comes into play, to help you transform your own leaders understanding of how they can utilise and modify their behaviour to bring the best out of themselves and the people around them.

So, what is this magic tool called PRINT®?

Have you ever come across profiling tools before? Perhaps you’ve uncovered which colour you are with insights. Or mapped out a behaviour profile with MTBI.

While these tools are all useful, they only describe ‘Above the Waterline’ behaviours, which we can already see and observe in ourselves and others. They simply help bring them to light, so we consciously notice and recognise them.

Where PRINT® sits apart from them, is in its depth of insight.

PRINT® goes one step further, identifying the ‘Below the Waterline’ drivers and motivators that influence our surface-level actions, giving us an extra level of knowledge so we can understand why we behave the way we do – beyond simply being aware of it.


PRINT® is the only statistically validated system based on Dr Deming’s theory of profound knowledge. What’s more, PRINT® is the only resource that reveals the root cause of why people do what they do.


In a nutshell, it unveils the understanding we need to ensure we do things in a way that makes us happy and productive, and utilises our unique strengths and capabilities.

From a scientific perspective, PRINT® reveals peoples Unconscious Motivators, Best Self, Shadow Self and Triggers.

These characteristics and traits are combined into 9 separate PRINTs, of which everyone has a unique major and minor combination.

Leading to a potential 72 profiles!

We explain a little more about these in the wheel below:


PRINT Wheel with Unconscious Motivators, for use in leadership development

PRINT® reveals your personal Unconscious Motivators®, from a set of 9 potential PRINTs


A Trigger is an action, event or situation that can stimulate Shadow Behaviour.

Shadow Behaviour is known as a ‘block’ to your Best Self.

In Best Self, you’re happy, productive, highly motivated, and good to be around.

But in Shadow, you might be easily frustrated, disinterested, lethargic, or irritable. And you’re likely to be a drain on others’ time and energy.

Shadow behaviour is an unproductive, unintentional and unconscious response to your unique Triggers, which can have a damaging effect on your personal performance and productivity.

But it can also put a huge strain on your professional relationships, erode communication, interfere with teamwork, and undermine decision-making.

What’s more, our Shadow responses are often automatic, often arising out of the blue when we least expect it. Meaning we have no control over when they happen.

But what we can control, is how we react to them.

Once we’re aware of our potential Shadow behaviours, and can identify them in action, we can start to manage and mitigate them, and regain some control – re-settling ourselves in Best Self.

So how do we go about regaining control over our Triggers?

Put simply, our Triggers are activated when our Unconscious Motivators® aren’t being met. And they’re what send us into Shadow.

For instance, if your Unconscious Motivator® is to be needed and appreciated, you might be Triggered when a big win you’ve just achieved goes completely unnoticed. And your Shadow behaviour might be that you lose motivation, and start going through the motions.

PRINT® brings our Triggers out into the open, allowing us to see them more clearly and understand them on a deeper level. Meaning we can put steps in place to manage them, and ensure our Unconscious Motivators® are continually being satisfied – keeping us in Best Self.


PRINT wheel with Best Self qualitis for use in leadership development

Do you recognise any of these Best Self behaviours in yourself?


Can you think of a time you might have been Triggered into exhibiting Shadow behaviour? You might be able to recognise a situation where you felt you couldn’t get a handle on why things weren’t going your way.

And what about your Best Self? Perhaps you can think of a time where you’ve felt like you could take on the world – and achieve anything you put your mind to?

At H&H we all have a personal PRINT® that’s unique to ourselves, and this has helped us all to successfully achieve our ambitious goals and work more productively together as a proper team.

We know how to communicate with each other effectively, and we are consciously aware of our Best Self and Shadow selves so we can successfully identify and manage when we’re being Triggered.

It’s the reason why we’ve been able to build great relationships, high performance, and a positive and innovative culture.

But the question is, how can you help your leaders to become more aware of their Unconscious Motivators® and personal Triggers, so they can communicate, connect and collaborate more productively and positively with their teams?


4 key ways PRINT® can help leaders improve their communication skills

As internal communicators, much of our time is devoted to working with our senior leaders and managers to improve and enhance their communication skills.

When you throw PRINT® into the mix, it can unlock a whole new level of insight which can help you get a greater appreciation for how your leaders typically behave, act and respond to certain situations – and how they might need to adapt their behaviour to create a more positive and productive impact through their communication.

With this in mind, we’ve picked out 4 impressive discoveries that PRINT® can bring to light that will instantly improve how your leaders communicate in your organisation:

With the research we have gathered from previous clients and the scientific facts behind this tool – using this can create exceptional results.

1. Becoming more self-aware

Using PRINT® as part of your leadership development programmes opens a new and deeper level of awareness that significantly improves people – leadership capability.

Leaders who are highly self-aware are universally considered to be more effective than those who have lower self-awareness.

Even more powerful are leaders who have exceptional insight into what motivates others – especially those on their teams. Enabling them to modify and adapt their behaviour to suit.

2. Boosting change success

Organisations don’t change; it’s the people who do.

PRINT® provides the perfect grounding for people to understand why change may thrust employees into shadow behaviour, and provides leaders with useful strategies to stay in Best Self even through the most uncertain times.

It helps leaders communicate change effectively using individuals PRINT® profiles and, lead by example.

It can guide them on how to communicate the change more effectively by providing unique window into how different PRINT® types may respond to different messages, helping them to reduce unproductive behaviours and positively engage their people with change and transition.

3. Motivation

PRINT® can help leaders understand what motivates their employees, to create awareness of the strategies needed to bring high productivity and engagement across the organisation.

Having invaluable knowledge and insights into every employees PRINT® profile allows leaders to notice and eliminate potential Triggers before they can cause real damage and send people into Shadow.

Leaders can then put steps in place to maximise Best Self behaviours from employees – so they’re always firing on all cylinders!

4. Feedback 360

Whereas feedback may be, a thing of dread for some people, to others it’s a treasured gift. Effective feedback can take both a positive or constructive angle, but it’s always incredibly helpful to receive.

In fact, 96% of employees think receiving feedback regularly is a good thing and this is why internal communicators need to encourage leaders to distribute constructive, motivational and honest feedback to employees!

This is where PRINT® comes into action. Leaders can explore strategies that will help them become more skilled and confident in giving productive feedback, as well as learning to receive it in a way that reflects the givers intentions – in other words, not taking offence where it isn’t due!

We all know that the most effective leaders are those who actively seek feedback on their own performance, to create a level playing field and help them improve their leadership style.

And it’s also essential for keeping people out of the dark, so they now how effectively they’re progressing towards their individual and shared goals, and how they could potentially change their approach.


The key to great leadership communication is to understand your employees and what motivates and engages them to work effectively but most importantly understanding yourself! Add PRINT® into the mix and reveal peoples Unconscious Motivators®, Best Self, Shadow Self and Triggers as well as your own. You transform your organisations atmosphere into an ideal workplace for everyone to productively work and engage, effectively communicate and most importantly create a culture everyone wants to be involved in.

Interested in finding out your personal PRINT® profile and those of your colleagues? Revolutionise the way you work together in your workplace – get in touch today!