How you can enhance your coaching with PRINT®

An article by Michael Schein[i] proposes the idea that business coaching is ‘dead’ because its market has become swamped and there’s now too much of the ‘same old, same old’. To combat this problematic, prolific competition, Schein suggests that coaches should find a point of differentiation to stand out in the market. One of these would be to utilise a profiling tool to study and enhance employee behaviour in the workplace.

Profiling tools can bring huge benefits to areas like employee engagement, effective leadership, and workplace relationships, some of which organisational consultant Dr Dave Richards has identified as:

  1. Improved team performance
  2. Greater cohesion, alignment and communication
  3. Identification of performance gaps or blind spots within organisations
  4. Greater innovation and improved strategic leadership
  5. Greater understanding of cultural/psychological strengths and weaknesses, which can inform recruitment and organisational development initiatives (Johnson 2014[ii]).

But with so many profiling tools already well-established, how do you find one which is both unique and extremely effective?

PRINT® ticks both of these boxes. Strictly speaking, PRINT® isn’t actually a profiling tool – it goes one step further. Rather than merely identifying unique, on-the-surface behavioural traits, habits, and psychological biases, PRINT® uncovers the invisible, under-the-surface Unconscious Motivators® which drive them. Other profiling tools generally just group people into styles, colours or types, but PRINT® analyses and identifies why we behave the way we do, rather than just what we do.

Understanding our Unconscious Motivators® allows us to see how our needs and desires influence our behaviour. When they are being satisfied, we act in our Best Self. In Best Self we are motivated, positive and productive. However, when they are not being met, we’re triggered into Shadow behaviour. Triggers are the actions or events that send us into Shadow – where we’re disengaged, unmotivated and unproductive.

The knowledge of what influences our behaviour means that we can alter and adapt it in light of our Unconscious Motivators® to increase our productivity, both alone and in a team. PRINT® sheds light on the things that other profiling tools leave in the dark.

Research has shown a 99.4% correlation between Shadow behaviour and poor performance, and a 99% correlation between Best Self behaviour and productive performance (Paul Hertz Group, 2013[iii]). So if an organisation takes PRINT® on board – and its employees take the time to understand their own, and each other’s, Unconscious Motivators® – they can build more positive working relationships, improve engagement, and increase personal and collective productivity.

PRINT® doesn’t deliver more of the ‘same old, same old’ – instead, it adds a new perspective to our behaviour and productivity. The personal insights it brings are not only unique but have been proven to deliver serious productivity results.


For more information on how PRINT® could benefit yourself or your organisation, email, visit our website and social media (Facebook: @discoveryourprint, Twitter: @Discover_Print, LinkedIn: Print Profile Ltd) or sign up to our mailing list. If you’d like to bring PRINT’s benefits to organisations and businesses, we offer Accreditation courses enabling in-house coaches and learning & development professionals to become certified PRINT® coaches.


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