Will your degree take you down the right career path?

It’s the key question nagging the minds of students everywhere: will my degree launch me into the right career? For those entering into degree-level studies and those waving farewell to them, it’s something that is at the forefront of higher education. Will the career we choose be right for us? It turns out we may be able to work out the answers for ourselves – but only by delving deep into our psyche and uncovering the motivations which drive us down the winding roads of our everyday lives.

PRINT® helps us do just that.

Developed by the Paul Hertz Group, an American-based consulting and training firm specialising in the improvement of productivity, PRINT® has been used for nearly 30 years in American universities, government institutions and companies and was launched in the UK in 2015.

In going deeper than simply identifying specific behavioural ‘types’, PRINT® is a psychological tool which explores our ‘below-the-waterline’ Unconscious Motivators®. Our individual Unconscious Motivators® define us and the way we behave and respond to actions and situations. Through identifying these motivations, PRINT® uncovers why we act the way we do, rather than just how we behave.

In PRINT® psychology, there are 9 Unconscious Motivators®, of which individuals have a symbiotic pair. This constitutes a possible 72 unique combinations, or PRINTs, with each PRINT® possessing individual positive (Best Self) and negative (Shadow) behaviours. These combinations define what we strive for, how we respond to others, and the environments and situations we thrive and excel in.

But what are its benefits for students?

By revealing the sorts of environments and situations they will thrive in, and those in which they may struggle or find unappealing, PRINT® aids students in choosing the perfect career and working environment for them. It helps students understand if they will enjoy, be engaged within and satisfied with their career of choice. It links their degree to a fulfilling career. By identifying their unconscious motivators, and what drives them to behave in their Best Self and avoid acting in Shadow, students can more easily define and specify which career choices would best suit them, their working styles, and their motivational desires.

This intricate knowledge of motivation can empower students to make more informed journeys into the working world, whether into creative, independent or customer service careers. PRINT® establishes what sorts of careers would allow different students to excel and uncover their full potential – as well as the challenges they may face in specific roles and strategies to overcome these – leading to greater productivity in the workplace and more successful and satisfying career paths.

PRINT® has been used in business schools and careers services by top American universities including New York University and the University of California and has enjoyed a large amount of success in enabling students to lead fulfilled, engaging careers.


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