Making child’s play of business improvements with the PRINT® board game

While we wouldn’t advise employers to leave every business decision to the roll of a dice, it can be a great way to unlock the full potential of your team and, in turn, deliver financial performance improvements of up to 50 percent.

We have launched a board game that improves team dynamics and productivity, as part of a unique business performance tool used by global brands, including IBM, Whirlpool and Meridium.

Game-based learning is common in the US and in schools over here – and it seems that UK businesses are now waking up to the benefits too. Indeed, a recent study by the University of Bournemouth took inspiration from this highly influential Forbes article reviewing the use of game elements and techniques to play out work scenarios and solve real business challenges in a safe environment.

The Bournemouth research found that, compared to other forms of training, game-based learning delivers significant benefits to businesses including the creation of a sociable, team-based learning environment, immediate feedback on decisions (including mistakes), and a significant improvement in engagement. And it’s already being used in a far wider variety of applications than researchers originally expected, including:

  • organisational efficiency improvement
  • sales training
  • recruitment and new-hire
  • specific skill training
  • compliance training

Military, healthcare and construction sectors were early adopters of serious games for simulations and ‘hands-on’ training, but many more employing organisations are taking them up now.

Having secured the exclusive rights to bring the revolutionary PRINT® personal insights programme to the UK for the first time, H&H are using game-based learning to support its introduction into UK businesses and organisations. This was fuelled by our game-learning work with some of the country’s leading blue chip organisations, including Arco, BARD Pharmaceuticals, Associated British Ports, CIPD and Clearanswer, to enhance teams, leadership and ultimately business performance by exploring ideas, sharing concepts and even making mistakes in a friendly, low-risk environment.

Players consistently agreed that game-based learning is fun, social and encourages conversation and friendly competition and we learned that that there is a real desire for this approach in personal development at work.

Learning through play is instinctive to all humans but bringing it to work training allows staff to experiment with different strategies, experience the consequences of different choices and fail or succeed in a friendly setting.

The PRINT board game made its debut at the UK’s first PRINT® accreditation session in February 2016, at which 15 coaches and trainers from the private and public sector, including North Lincolnshire Council and Develop-U, were the first to try it for themselves.

Newly-accredited PRINT® coach Leoni Kitchin, a coach, facilitator and trainer with 20 years’ experience of developing people and coaching leaders, said: “As a coach, I’ve often found that my business clients are a little unsure of the value of game-based learning. So I was keen to see how the PRINT® game would balance the ‘fun’ and ‘learning’ aspects to ensure a really strong learning experience.

“Crammed with valuable insights built into the game-play, it was also an excellent tool to bring out the natural behaviours (both positive and negative) of all our PRINTs so we could learn from them! It’s a great way to embed the important PRINT® lessons in a very memorable way.”

PRINT® enhances organisational performance and develops successful teams. It was developed by the Paul Hertz Group, a USA-based consulting and training firm specialising in productivity improvements.

Uncovering people’s core motivations, it goes beyond traditional profiling tools that only identify and describe behaviour patterns. Instead, it establishes why we act the way we do – singling out not only our productive (Best Self) and unproductive (Shadow) behaviours, but also the reasons one is chosen over the other. Everyone has two Unconscious Motivators®, a Major and a Minor, and it is these two Unconscious Motivators that make up an individual’s PRINT®, or their motivational identity.

The PRINT® game embeds its fundamental lesson; that different PRINT® types experience the world differently, and events that may be neutral or even positive for one type may be highly negative for another.

Players move around the board gaining or losing the game’s currency – productivity points. They are given opportunities to punish or reward their fellow players by exposing them to, or saving them from, ‘Trigger’ events that will cause them to lose Productivity points. The object of the game is to finish with the most points.

Afterwards, players have a clearer understanding of the other PRINTs around the table, the profound impact of Shadow behaviour on productivity and clear strategies to help everyone remain in Best Self.

With this in mind, we’ll be holding more game-learning events in 2016, as well as taking PRINT® to conferences and roadshows, so keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you’d like to get your company involved!


For more information on how PRINT® could benefit yourself or your organisation, email, visit our website and social media (Facebook: @discoveryourprint, Twitter: @Discover_Print, LinkedIn: Print Profile Ltd) or sign up to our mailing list. If you’d like to bring PRINT’s benefits to organisations and businesses, we offer Accreditation courses enabling in-house coaches and learning & development professionals to become certified PRINT® coaches.