Talking about a revolution – using Personal Insights to revolutionise team performance and motivation

We all know it can be tough for managers to keep their teams motivated, with many potential factors contributing to unmotivated employees and poor performance, be it a lack of management direction or colleagues simply not getting on with one and other.

Because of this, a lot of managers employ Total Quality Management (TQM) to help improve organisational performance and employee motivation.  Although TQM is an approach more traditionally used in the manufacturing sector, the principles can be applied to any organisation looking to enhance performance.

So where does TQM fit into PRINT® then? Well, let’s take a look back at PRINT’s origins…

PRINT® was developed by the Paul Hertz Group, a USA-based consulting and training firm specialising in the improvement of productivity, headed up by Dr Paul Hertz who began his consulting career as a protégé of Dr W. Edwards Deming, the primary force behind the Quality Movement in the world.

Dr Hertz first met Dr Deming at the New York University Graduate School of Business, where Dr Deming was his professor, and together they co-founded the Deming Institute for the Improvement of Quality and Productivity. Dr Hertz started The Paul Hertz Group in 1981 to help operationalise Dr Deming’s teachings.

Dr Hertz made it his life’s mission to overcome negative Shadow Behaviour and bring the benefits of the Quality Revolution to people. He found that existing profiling tools did a great job of identifying and describing behaviours, but did little to explain why people are the way they are, so he set about building a Personal Insights tool that could get to the why of what we do, providing the insight and understanding to ultimately make changes and improve productivity.

And so PRINT® was born, with the principles of TQM at its heart. Businesses are becoming more aware of the need for strong leadership and greater quality, and we are seeing more and more managers adopt Personal Insights tools like PRINT® to take a new and thorough look at how to improve leadership, team dynamics and motivation.

Adopting Personal Insights can enhance organisational performance by developing successful teams, identifying behaviours and offering solutions to Shadow (negative and unproductive) Behaviours.

Many of you will be shocked to know that 42 per cent of managers’ time is being spent addressing Shadow Behaviour in the workplace. Even if you’re sure things aren’t this bad where you work, the chances are there is more Shadow Behaviour being exhibited than you realise, which needs correcting.

However, it’s not all about rectifying the negatives as PRINT® also identifies Best Self (positive and productive) Behaviours in work environments and helps organisations realise their strengths and how to maximise their impact.

This all sounds good, but where’s the proof? Well, you might be surprised at what PRINT® could do for you. Independent research gathered by the Paul Hertz Group shows margin enhancements of 30-50 per cent and bottom line savings of 15-50 per cent that can be directly attributed to using PRINT®!

One of our happiest clients is Whirlpool, the USA-based white goods manufacturer utilised PRINT® for a team due to begin negotiations with a key customer, to improve their knowledge of each other and the customer and ensure a more successful negotiation. The Whirlpool brand team increased their share of the customer’s available business for the period to 100 per cent – delivering a further $70m to the bottom line and doubling profitability.

So the real question is: what are you waiting for? If you need to address Shadow Behaviour in your workplace and want to utilise your Best Self in order to reap the benefits, get in touch to find out more.


For more information on how PRINT® could benefit yourself or your organisation, email, visit our website and social media (Facebook: @discoveryourprint, Twitter: @Discover_Print, LinkedIn: Print Profile Ltd) or sign up to our mailing list. If you’d like to bring PRINT’s benefits to organisations and businesses, we offer Accreditation courses enabling in-house coaches and learning & development professionals to become certified PRINT® coaches.

image: Dr W. Edwards Deming (source: United States Central Bureau)