A fly on the wall inside a PRINT® networking event

Last week we held an exclusive event in Harrogate which saw a number of senior figures from some of Yorkshire’s biggest businesses, with a combined turnover in excess of £350 million, experience PRINT® – the next generation Personal Insights tool – first-hand.

Organised as a breakfast networking event, the format of the session was very informal, designed to be engaging and fun. After bacon sandwiches and some initial networking, the delegates – few of whom had ever met previously – filed into the boardroom.

Prior to the event, everybody completed a survey online, from which their individual PRINT® profile was produced. The survey uses a series of bespoke questions to unearth Major and Minor Unconscious Motivators®, or in other words, the reasons why we behave the way we do.

Once in the room, the training team distributed questionnaires for participants to select words they felt described themselves at work – both when working at their best and their worst. An interesting and revealing task to carry out surrounded by relative strangers!

Participants identified the features of their profiles they strongly agreed with and those they were unsure of, but all agreed the results were very astute in revealing each individual’s – very individual – personality traits.

David Brennan, Chief Executive of Nexus Vehicle Rental, the UK’s leading corporate vehicle rental company, who attended the event, said:

“Having experienced PRINT® first-hand, I can honestly say I was highly impressed by the process and just how accurate the results were. It was a very interesting and thought-provoking session and the results sparked a lot of debate among delegates.”

“The thing I really like about PRINT® is that unlike other profiling tools, it doesn’t just tell you what type of personality you have but goes several steps further, identifying why you are the way you are and the trigger points that can prevent you from being the best you can be and how to counter them effectively.”

PRINT® uncovers people’s core motivations. Unlike traditional profiling tools, it is unique in going beyond identifying and describing behaviour patterns, to identifying why we act the way we do, singling out not only our positive (Best Self) and negative (Shadow) behaviours, but also the reasons one is chosen over the other.

The trainers matched people into groups based on their profiles and each then summarised their personality to the rest of the group, including some of the key elements of their best and shadow selves.

Gaining a deeper understanding of their triggers and the actions that lead to ‘Shadow Behaviour’ helped participants understand the way they behave and how to adapt this to the workplace to ensure they are always at their best. CEOs, managers and directors around the room agreed using PRINT® would be an effective way of building teams and helping them work together to achieve successful outcomes.

In 2016 we’ll be holding more events, as well as taking PRINT® to conferences and roadshows, so keep your eyes peeled and let us know if you’d like to get your company involved. Until then, please visit our new website at https://discoveryourprint.co.uk for more information.

Most importantly have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year and we’ll see you at one of our events in 2016!


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